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Ocean County Amateur Radio Emergency Service Inc. a 501 (c)(3) Charity Organization

Frequencies used by Ocean County ARES

SOUTH REPEATER: 146.700 MHz output, 146.100 MHz input, PL of 192.8, N2NF Repeater located in Tuckerton.

NORTH REPEATER: 449.825 MHz output, 444.825 MHz input, PL of 131.8, WA2RES Repeater located in Toms River.


FM SIMPLEX: 146.550 MHz, FM


USB: 28.360 Mhz, USB, 10 meter

WL2K: WINLINK RMS Packet (Emergency Communications Mode), 145.010 MHz Simplex, WX2NJ-10 (Bayville).

D-STAR:  445.36875 MHz output, 440.36875 MHz input, WA2RES B in Harvey Cedars, Linked to SNJ SCERN via Internet Gateway.


SOUTH REPEATER: 146.835 MHz output, 146.235 MHz input, PL of 127.3, N2OO Repeater located in Manahawkin.


NORTH REPEATER: 145.170 MHz output, 144.570 MHz input, PL of 131.8, WA2RES Repeater located in Manchester.

APRS SIMPLEX: 144.390 MHz. Digipeaters BARNGT located in Barnegat and TOMRVR located in Toms River, both WA2RES.

FM SIMPLEX: 145.555 MHz, FM


USB: 28.390 MHZ, USB, 10 meter


Training Nets

The Ocean County ARES conducts training nets every Wednesday Evening at 8:30 PM local time. The schedule is as follows:

Each Wednesday at 8:30 PM EST. 449.825 MHz, WA2RES/R. Periodically, N2NF and N2OO repeaters are worked into the schedule.

You need not be a member to participate in a training net.